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Fashion Squad!!!!!    
Hi, 5th Grade Students and Parents!  It’s time for Wilmot’s
Fashion Squad! 

Here’s how it will work:
-Participating students, who have signed up online, through
the PTO’s upcoming Enrichment/Clubs sign-up…

WHEN: STARTING January 13, 2023…. Friday during lunch
recess (12:20-12:50)

WHERE: ART ROOM… Students will make clothing and/or
accessories at school and/or at home if they want- guided by
fun fashion challenges. 

Cost: $125
(By the way, there is absolutely NO experience necessary to
join! For realz!) 

-Once students decide on a fashion challenge, based on
students’ interests, participants will produce clothing and/or
accessories, at school and/or sometimes at home, pertaining to
the challenge. (If they want.) These challenges are VERY casual
AND OPTIONAL, and kids can tape, staple, glue, sew or sketch
their designs!  

Thanks so much!!!  Please let me know if you have any questions.  
--Mrs. Susan Dubin  = ) (Art Teacher at Wilmot)

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